Librarians in politics

From our Maine State Librarian, Linda Lord:

Christine B. Powers, director of the Naples Public Library, has been elected to the 126th session of the Maine State Legislature. Regardless of political party or any other considerations it is a joy to announce that a librarian is serving in the House. Congratulations on your success, Christine!

(Yes, the more librarians in the state legislature, the better for our state’s public libraries, including Long Island Community Library!)

Peaks Island Branch of the Portland Public Library

First in a new series of blogs about our neighboring Casco Bay island libraries, we start with the Peaks Island Branch of the Portland Public Library. On the first Saturday in January I found myself on Peaks Island, and trotted over to visit my friend Priscilla at the island library. Despite the busy traffic in and out of the library, Priscilla, the branch director, and her assistant Rose Ann, took the time to talk libraries with me, mostly about outreach ventures, i.e., how to get folks into the library, especially in the winter and on evenings. Priscilla and Rose Ann were full of ideas, such as their upcoming Library Pajama Party (an evening of bedtime stories for kids 5-8), a book group where various member take turns hosting, and a Saturday evening film series. In the past they offered a monthly craft night, where various community members would offer to teach a craft.

Alas, it was too soon time to catch the ferry back to Portland, but not before I checked out a book! Having a Portland Public Library card allows me to borrow a book on Peaks Island and return it at the main branch. That was an unexpected bonus. So, with a copy of “Chopin’s Garden” by Peaks Island author Eleanor Lincoln Morse under my arm, I headed back to the ferry, with reading material for the ride back to Portland and the warmth in my heart of visiting another lovely island library in winter.

For more information on the Peaks Island Branch Library see:

Happy New Year from the Long Island Community Library!

And as you start thinking about doing taxes for the past year, here’s a wonderful way to help out all public libraries in Maine:

Maine Public Library Fund State Income Tax Check-off

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