Ode to magazines

It’s not enough that I check out books from several libraries, as well as pick up books at used book sales, we also subscribe to many magazines (can’t help it!). There are boating magazines (even though our boat has been in the yard for several years) such as Cruising World and Sail Magazine, travel magazines (even though we don’t travel as often as I’d like) such as National Geographic Traveler and Afar, woodworking magazines (Michael’s favorite is American Woodworking), and home/decorating magazines (Country Living and English Home). Some are nostalgic for me. My mother subscribes to Threads for me, a knitting magazine. I will never be able to make anything in it as the patterns are way beyond my abilities, but I love to just look at the pictures (I can almost feel the yarn between my fingers) and think of my mother, an expert knitter. She also used to subscribe to Cooks Illustrated for Michael, knowing his love of cooking. I love Arizona Highways, which my father (whose birthday is today) first subscribed to for me, along with Alaska magazine. Several years ago my sister and I were in the Arizona Highways gift shop and she resubscribed for me, as an early birthday present. In contrast, I receive the local magazines Maine and Maine Home + Design, as freebies through work. I also can’t resist a good deal, such as Yankee Magazine and Smithsonian, which I subscribed to for about $10. National Geographic, which my husband has been receiving since he was a child, used to be a real bargain, but the prices have increased so much that I had to stop subscribing, to my sadness. However, a few months after dropping it, I received an offer I couldn’t resist, so I resubscribed at a lesser rate. Sometimes we’ll get free subscriptions through various offers, which explains why magazines such as “Inc” or “GQ” land in our mailbox. Long Island garden tour 2012 - Jacqui's porch

What are some of your favorite magazines, to read or subscribe to?