Portland Museum of Art films

For those of you who love film, just a reminder that the Portland Museum of Art is a great source! During COVID-19 many of their films that are usually viewed on site have been available online.

On their website they say, “While our primary goal is to bring audiences together to enjoy theatrical screenings in person, PMA Films has gone dark to help protect our community from the spread of the COVID-19 novel .  In the meantime, we’re part of a national conversation with other exhibitors and distributors to find new ways to bring first run content to the safety of your home. ”

Several months ago some friends and I went to a Cat Video Fest at the PMA – now it seems like a distant memory, of a time when a full house of all ages could gather together without fear, to laugh and enjoy funny films about cats.

You can subscribe to the PMA films newsletter to find out more of their offerings. While we all love and appreciate the films we see here at the Long Island Community Library/Long Island Learning Center, this is a way to get to see wonderful films from home, until it is safe to gather again in person.

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