The literature of Norway

Last fall our island book group read “Out stealing horses” by Per Petterson, which was recommended to me by my friend Kari-Lise, who grew up in Norway. I invited Kari-Lise to join our book group, to give her perspective on the book, life in Norway, and Norwegian literature in general. It was Kari-Lise’s first visit to the island, and her first visit to any island in Casco Bay. She shared the background of other books by Petterson which related to the characters in “Out stealing horses.”

 We asked Kari-Lise for books by other Norwegian writers that she enjoys, and here are two of her recommendations:

The unseen, by Roy Jacobsen, which takes place on an island!

The bell in the Lake, by Lars Mytting, a historical epic novel.

This book is not by a Norwegian author, but it takes place in Norway (and is at LICL):

Norwegian by night, by Derek B. Miller, a debut novel.

And if these selections leave you wanting more, here’s a great website, Books from Norway

For those lucky enough to be traveling to Norway, here are some suggestions of books to read before you go.

And for the rest of us, until Norway is in our travel plans, we can enjoy reading about this beautiful northern country.