All Books Considered Book Club

There doesn’t seem to be a dearth of online book clubs – two of my undergraduate schools (yes, I attended two colleges – long story) offer a book club, which admittedly I’m not very active in, but I do from time to time read the books chosen.

But here’s another one, in our own state: Maine Public’s All Books Considered Book Club

This book club will take on 6 books over the course of 2021, and it’s free! That’s one book every two months, so not too onerous. Bookstores across Maine are offering discounts on these books.

The first book featured is by Meredith Hall, her novel “Beneficience.” Several years ago I read her memoir, “Without a map,” which was magnificent (see my Favorite books of 2016 blog). So, I’m eager to read this one too, which fortunately for all of us, is available through the Long Island Community Library.

Happy reading! (in a communal way)

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