One man’s trash…

Where do you find your books? I’m not techy enough to go the download route, or Kindle or Nook. I tend to use more traditional means – the “brick and mortar” bookstore (although my husband prefers Amazon), especially the local bookstore (as opposed to chains). Of course I mostly acquire books through the library: our own Long Island library, the Portland Public Library (one block from where I work), or other libraries in downtown Portland: Maine Charitable Mechanics Association and the Maine Irish Heritage Center library.

But my favorite place to acquire books is at used book sales, either ongoing sales, such as the one we have at the Long Island Community Library, or a room at the Portland Public Library that is set up for book sales, or annual events, such as Art & Soul, or the Friends of the Portland Public Library sale (this year held at Catherine McAuley High School). Here you can find great bargains, and bring home armloads of books for not much cash. I’ve also been successful finding cheap books at yard sales. I’ve even had good luck with books on the side of the road or left at the ferry landing in banana boxes. My house is evidence of these great finds – now to just find the time to read them!

So, all of you out there in blog land (I know there’s a few): where do you find the best treasures?

2 thoughts on “One man’s trash…”

  1. My best finds come on “moving day” at the end of the spring semester at the college where I work. College students leave so much great stuff behind–books included–and it’s a fun way to get a pulse on what they read.

    Your library is awesome. We were so lucky to visit a couple of times while vacationing.

  2. Good idea! I’ll have to hang around colleges more often, at the end of the semester…
    Thanks for coming to our beautiful library! we’re always happy to show it off to visitors.

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