Life on the Nubble: an island classic revisited

One of my definitions of a classic book is one that can be reread over time, and each time it brings new emotions and connections. Alix Kates Shulman’s “Drinking the rain: a memoir” is one of those classics, especially to those of us who live on Long Island, which Alix writes about in this memoir. Recently our island book group chose this book for our July reading, and to our delight, Alix agreed to join us via Zoom. We had a delightful discussion about how things have changed and remained the same on the island in the past 30 years since the book was published, including technology, solitude, foraging, island exploration, fear, climate, and nature. It’s also fun to guess who Alix encounters on the island, as the names were changed (to protect the innocent??)

How fortunate we are to have Alix, a celebrated and well known author, as one of our local authors, as well as a friend. While she no longer owns her beloved home on the Nubble, it will forever be frozen in time, thanks to this classic island book.

This book was for sale in a Rockland book shop last November – another evidence of a classic!

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