Looking for Annie

When I first heard about “The ride of her life: the true story of a woman, her horse, and their last-chance journey across America,” by Elizabeth Letts, I was intrigued. I finally read it, and fell in love with Annie and her story. I was so taken by it that when it came time for my birthday road trip, which was planned for visiting Paris and Norway (Maine), I asked my patient husband if we could do a side tour to through Minot and Mechanic Falls in search of Annie.

I didn’t do my homework very well. I did see on our atlas “Annie Road” but there was no sign for it. We did find the Maple Grove Cemetery, where she is buried, but I naively thought that it would be a small cemetery and we would just stumble upon (or over) her headstone, which has etched on it: “Last of the saddle tramps.” Alas, this is a very large cemetery! There is an index online but I wasn’t quite clear on how to use it to find Annie, who is buried in the Libby family plot. So, another quest for another day. Meanwhile, I did get to see Annie’s old stomping grounds.

I liked this book so much that I have bought several more copies to give as gifts to some of my horse loving kin. I was never a horse woman, but I do love a good tale. This book shines with good hearted people who helped Annie and her animals along the way, and I loved how her story unfolded. And how wonderful that she is from Maine! The Long Island Community Library has a copy of this book, which is dedicated to the memory of another Annie, Annie Donovan, who also loved this book.

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