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College administrators turned mystery writers

What do college administrators in Maine do after they retire? Well, apparently a few turn to writing mystery novels that take place in small towns.

William D. Andrews, former president of Westbrook College, had turned out two mystery novels (“Stealing history” and “Breaking ground”) that take place in a fictional town in Western Maine (appears to be based on Bethel), with the Julie Williamson, the director of the historical society, as the protaganist.

Earl H. Smith is a retired dean of Colby College. His first book came out last year: “The Dam Committee” also takes place in a small town, based in the Belgrade Lakes Area. It  brings to light the politics and eccentricities of town committee and community folks. And yes, there is a dead body!

Anyone who lives in a small town will recognize some of the character types in these books. The Long Island Community Library carries “Stealing History” and “The Dam Committee,” examples of what retired academics do with a little more time on their hands.